Thursday, December 07, 2006

we the acquisitive

there goes the neighborhood...we've pretty much screwed up this planet and now we're eyeing another. No wonder any intelligent life out there (much much evolved, am sure) is staying light years away from us and our grubby hands.

Of course it is a great find for science and we need to keep on searching for more answers, and this might sound faint-headed (actually, not), BUT I can bet on my toenails that need to be clipped asap, if our race finds even a corner in this cosmos that can be colonized and made into an apartment complex, it will.


Really hope the Mara comes out unscathed from all the recent hype and noise. Please don't gate off any part of the great migration route. It has been the object of much fascination and wide-eyed wonder, no matter how many specials I see on the topic. Fingers crossed.


Rain said...

Yes, we are acquisitive. What is missing imo is a spiritual link, we don't get that it is "wrong" to destroy the planet.

Phoenix said...

rain, I couldn't agree more with you. The scary part is that in this use and throw binge, we don't realize that in the end we're also reducing the chances of our own survival! Hacking away at the branch we're all delicately perched upon.