Monday, December 18, 2006

Manu Sharma convicted of the murder...finally. So was Santosh Singh.

Hopes for justice in countless other cases where the victim might not have been a high-profile person, from the middle-class even or as in some fast-track cases, a foreigner.

This is a start...! And kudos to the people whose outrage made sure justice was not just a laughable concept or a topic to be discussed at socialite evenings.


India beat SA...finally. First ever on SA soil. :-)


Really like the 'Pal' song by of his old ones...'hum rahe ya na rahe kal...'

Also, 'Aadat' by Jal...


Its all about personal choice and circumstances but thinking about it clinically and in a lucid moment, people who choose to remain single or not to have children seem to be so much more sane and sensible than the ones who have toed the old and crumbling ways of the world. Not spreading themselves thin etc etc...

It needs courage to stick to either one of the decisions. To jump into sharing a life and people the world as messed up as it is, as much as to stay true to oneself and not jump into the first boat because everyone else is doing it.

I live by my self-willed choices and am pretty busy, deep into and happy with them, but the point remains, that if I hadn't, would I have led a less full life? Not really. I would have that much less baggage tho. Like the movie 'Sliding Doors'. What if.

But, the grass is never really green anywhere, I realize that.

ho-hum, its just one of those existential-angsty moments that crop up and its really grey outside. A cup of chai should cure me of any pretensions of profound thought. :-)


qsg said...

Profound, indeed. Damned if you do, damned if you don't! Both have their pros and cons, and I think both are experiences worth having. All of us have the experience of being single at a minimum. The second can be great too, assuming the right partners find each other! :)

Rain said...

I have a friend who never married or had kids. Sometimes I envy her, she lives her life for herself. But I think I would be sad if I never had a child. I really think it would bother me.

Phoenix said...

qsg - absolutely! what matters to me personally, is that I remain in touch with the person I am, essentially, beneath all the roles and dressings I whatever situation I find myself. Tho I'm lucky that I found a person who makes it seem more like a companionship than marriage in the archaic sense of the term.

rain - Understand, totally. I wouldn't trade my life as is for any other...really curious to see how it all turns out. But like with anyone else, there are the odd what-if moments. But thats life...