Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Nalanda - Revisited.


Saw Dhoom-2 on dvd.

The script at best seemed like it was scribbled through by an over-imaginative 10 year old boy...only if viewed as a kiddie flick, the twists and turns might be swallowable...the effects and action pieces are all quite impressive...but... I preferred the first flick, as millions do too, I guess...less contrived and hyped...

the music was pretty average except for the Crazy kiya re number which is hummable...no idea why they opted for fultoo english lyrics for the title track tho...Abhishek is almost part of the wallpaper in this one...

must say tho Hrithik and Aishwarya look pretty good together!...and theres definitely some chemistry there! hope to see more of them together in future.

An okay time-pass.

As the year ends, from the flicks I saw that really stood out were:

Omkara, Rang De Basanti, Gangster and Corporate (tho it had a depressing n melodramatic resolution). Havent seen Lage Raho yet.

Golmaal made me laugh, a lot..so that was good. :-D

And yes, won't forget my only reason to visit the theatres this year, Casino Royale. :-)

2007 better be better!


Sundar said...

bole tho ab tak lage nahin munnabhai ke peeche? very sad...

Phoenix said...

I know :( hope to rectify the mishtake as soon as the dvd arrives!