Friday, December 22, 2006

its catching!

'So, here it is, a merry christmas, everybody's having fun...' :-)

hard to miss it...the jingle's all over the place...seeped through to every cranny...images beamed out from everywhere..nothing else on the telly except for maybe the fog.

the spirit is infectious...herds of early shoppers trotting to the superstore across the road....happy smiling faces, anxious stressed faces...unless, you live under a particularly big rock, theres no escaping it.

sometimes, have this strong urge to get off the posterior, stuff a turkey, haul a big tree home, splurge on gifts for anyone (which I might have done before around this time of the year before, and which really doesnt need a context :-), and generally do Christmas the traditional way...

but then the moment passes, I realize I really don't have to and I remain content in sharing in the festive feeling like any other non-Xmassy-human would, right here from my couch or maybe strolling through the mall in the weekend.

Hmm, but a chocolate cake, some wine, a tree for her and a gift should do it. :-)

Anyway, happy holidays and a peaceful sweet 2007 to all!

and yes, a merry Christmas....!



qsg said...

Merry x-mas. Enjoy the festivities. Extremely contragious, they are! :)

Phoenix said...

Thanks, qsg, wish you the very same!! :-)