Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Getting that buzz again!

Being a grown-up isnt all that fun, is it? all that getting buzzed up on mad projects that was part of childhood remain faint-ish memories.

I used to love running down the stairs at school, dangerously jumping 6-7 steps at a time, the feeling of now-I'll-fall-and-break-my-front-teeth getting the ole adrenalin pumping...a teacher wrote she'd always remember me as a girl running madly in the halls with someone in hot pursuit trying to pull my hair...but well I was a huge tomboy and thats just another post...:-)

I love roller-coaster rides, the gorier the better...5 yrs ago, on a Vegas trip with a bunch of people from work, I was desperate to try da bomb of the rides at Stardust, but really lucked out cos that day was really windy and they'd closed it down temporarily.

So anyway, I managed to scrounge out a tamer but still cool ride ( in one bit, it went up on a vertical slope and then whooshed back breakneck, breakfast churning inside the stomach) the next morning minutes before we were starting on our way back, at the Sahara, I think it was and went alone on it...the rest of the gp chickened out....the only guy in the gp couldnt since he was eitehr chicken too or since his wife wasnt going herself, protocol etc. and did I love it...! :-D I still wouldnt think twice taking up on a bungee jumping invite...

Just remembered being on this infuriatingly slow crawly merry go round and there were these 2 other strange women with me from work again, one of whom was actually yelling for the ponderous thing to be stopped and that she wanted out...she was in tears and thought she was going to accounting for people's fear factor!

but anyway to return to the drift of my post:

having a kid (yours/sibling's/neighbor's/friend's/colleague's/anybody's) in your life, really helps to visit that mad juvenile part of you which isnt really dead and decomposed.

so my having a feisty 2 year old really see each grand step through their eyes and revisit the wonder and the glee...

almost got the same buzz from running down the stairs, tinier tho when I went down the huge blue slides with her at an indoor play centre couple of days back...we went thrice, and not just cos she loved it :-D

Am waiting for her to grow up a bit more so we can take on the theme park rides anywhere...if she has my DNA bits, the right ones, shes going to love every blood-curdling moment!



qsg said...

I am sure she has a LOT of your DNA bits - they are insuppressible! ;) Is that a word??

Oh I love roller coasters. Just not in life! :)

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Phoenix said...

qsg - 'insuppressible'...if its not, you just coined one! thanks! :-D I dont know, I sort of like a bit of the ride element in my long as it goes a bit easy on the valleys, that is! :-)