Thursday, December 21, 2006

must read, yes...must watch, not sure.

'Perfume' is a movie now...!

read it sometime unusual, intense and disturbing story...horror at a rather sublime level. The protagonist born without a sense of smell, who goes on to be an ace perfumer and serial killer in the process. Completely amoral and beyond the pale of humanity.

The last scene is still vivid in my memory...abhorrent and yet justice delivered.

Am really not sure how it will translate just won't be able to capture the essence of the central character...tho it might be watchable for its performances.

Do I want to watch it...don't know.


Remembered loving 'Freedom' (90) by George Michael...the video was pretty neat too...all the supermodels lipsynching...

...grew up with the guy belting out his stuff right from his Wham days...Father Figure was another fave...had his poster on my wall...his and Boris Becker's... :-)

The sweet 80s.

Madonna, Top of the Pops, Eurythmics school, we all had lyric books from Archies..I remember getting mine a bit later than the rest of the crowd... :-)

Lost track of music somewhere in the Noughties I think...quite a few CDs gathering dust, literally...waiting to be remembered...some great instrumental tracks too...

Alanis was the last artiste I remembered getting buzzed about, her Jagged Lil Pill...not that I don't know whos who and whats hot...but just not that into it.

Have my eye on certain artistes whose time to entertain me will come. New people. And some old aces.

oh well.

Dense fog continues today...frosty days.


qsg said...

Heard about the fog from a friend who is in London for the holidays - he was trying to get to India, but the fog came in the way, and I ended up spending the better part of the day on the phone with travel agents!

Kya yaad karaa diya re...GM! I had his poster too! :p

Phoenix said...

hey qsg, yes the fog's pretty much screwed up many people's Xmas plans...they're all stranded at Heathrow and other spots...its forecast to last through the weekend...a real bummer!