Friday, January 19, 2007

waxing n waning

I really dont get Madame Tussauds.

I mean what is the big deal about lifelike wax statues of the famous. What purpose does it serve for the general public? So when they are dead and gone, you can still put your arm around their shoulder or kiss them on the cheek while posing for the camera...what?

I did visit the MT in Las Vegas some years ago...curiousity plus part of the touristy thing to do in vegas with the gp...took some rather silly pics with some of the celebs I'm partial too...but it all felt silly even then...trying on stupid wigs and outrageous accessories, that was fun.

so, yes I really wouldnt pay to go see or stand next to or grope wax statues...however uncanny the resemblance....the originals themselves dont seem so amazing to me so why bother with the fake....theres honestly not a single famous person I would want to meet...let alone take an autograph of or take a pic with...thats the way its been for quite some time in my world...boring.

so, dont get it, the MT thing. maybe as a record for posterity...?


its funny how in all the stuff abt the two actors getting hitched, there were lots of ppl ruing the guy's fate and how the lady's using him to climb up and all that stuff...

I didnt see anyone, maybe just one or two, muster up the gall to say that hey shes much more famous than him, whatever the reason, and wouldnt she be clipping her wings by marrying into such a conservative family which is clearly a patriarchal setup....she is a definite brand name...a global one at that...wouldnt she be diluting her punch by marrying into this seemingly orthodox place?

I hope its not indicative of apna public's chauvinistic leanings. Sad, if it is.


Saw 'Infernal Affairs' last night...really good the quote says, almost "out-Heat(s) Mann'...


qsg said...

Well, I got my picture with Pierce Brosnan. And I am not complaining! :D

Phoenix said...

good for you, chica! :-D