Tuesday, January 16, 2007

meet the trash

Have been following the Celeb BB pretty closely...the prime reason being obviously the Indian factor. Today, it seems quite a lot of viewers have complained to Ofcom and other watchdogs of racism and bullying in the house. Specifically, targetted at Shilpa Shetty.

The lil clique in question that seems to not have enough of baiting "the Indian" were just plain nasty to watch in the last couple of days.

More than sheer ignorance, a very low IQ and a latent racism, it was just pure insecurity - given that Shetty is pretty much the hottest woman there who is quite popular with the guys inside. Add blistering spice to it with the fact that she comes from a world these people have no clue about and still comes across as quite confident and articulate.

She does have friendly people in there who seem as mortified as she is at the going-ons. Tho the bullies seem to have watered down a bit now

But what is most pleasantly surprising is that despite her occasional and justified breakdowns and giggles to cover her sadness up, Shetty is pretty strong and quite ready to talk it out with the others. Have to give the lady credit...shes acting with dignity and won't walk just yet, I think.

As they say, every experience, horrible or good, has a reason and teaches you something. For a person whos coming from a fairytale context like her, this is an education.

Am not so sure tho about the other group. Feel sorry for them. Wonder if its really a *developed* nation...in human terms.

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