Thursday, January 04, 2007

step up or down?


Shilpa Shetty's in for an experience in this instalment of Celebrity BB. This shd be interesting.

A shrewd marketing move by the franchise given they will be tapping into the voyeuristic instincts of not just the desis here, but also if they get to telecast the show in India, potentially more than a billion eyeballs.

Wonder what this will do for her career, considering she is holed up with has-beens, B/C grade celebs of the West...apart from her 'Phir Milenge' which was a good flick, she doesnt seem to have much...maybe shes just planning to have fun while creating a first of sorts. The first bonafide Indian entry into non-desi living-rooms across UK, for a month atleast.

Was kinda moving watching her walk up the red carpet in her sari with the desis yelling out her name...wish her the best...

Shes pretty much the hottest in the whole sad motley bunch tho. :-D


Train fares just got more expensive here. Its ridiculous given how bloody steep this place already is, compared to anywhere! And I really dont see where all the money's going.

We went for a short trip to Cornwall through the New Year weekend and on the 5 hour journey to the place, the boiler wasnt working, so no hot drinks. No tea, no coffee for 5 hours.

On the return journey, the buffet wasn't open, so no food, no water and no hot drinks obviously. It was only at the very fag end of the starved and parched 5 hours, that they finally opened up and we opted for a coffee considering we were almost home!

What struck me most was that the junta was SO complacent and stiff upper lipped about all the snafus. In the latter case, it was only at the very end that they actually murmured and confronted the rail official. Makes you wonder.

In India, there would have been huge outcry or atleast crowd chatter over any delay or non-delivery of goods. And am sure, they wouldnt be able to hike any prices up without the other parties boycotting Parliament. Mamata Banerjee would go on a fast, there would be traders striking and paralysing life.

Ah, the benefits of a multi-party system. A true democracy, thats apna desh.


qsg said...

Oh well - if it was the US - human rights activists would have started a protest or a blogthon, and there would have been a refund of some sort! :D but, the Londoners are kinda cool like that! And customer service is not big in Europe anyways - I found some of the most rude ppl in Europe!

Phoenix said...

well, it wasnt exactly London, but get your drift. what made it more remarkable was that this was a peak tourist travel slot when they should have been really prepared and the works!
and yes absolutely, I've bumped into couple of really unfriendly ppl too...