Tuesday, January 23, 2007


one of my stress-busters is a good episode of Takeshi's castle...feels good to laugh my insides out at some of the segments...maybe its a touch sadistic seeing the participants get all black n blue during their endeavour to conquer the count's castle...but hey, they all look pretty happy if foolish through all the bumps and thumps....

if Japan ever happens, will try and look up General Lee. :-)


was telling my hubby yest., how our lives are a bit like BB...we are all put under certain circumstances and have to find excuses, reasons to go on living till its time to be evicted..no one's a loser or a winner, in the end tho...we have our rows and flirtations, our cliques and lone-ness....one tiny planet and we all have to get along even if it means killing each other. the prob is that we're wrecking our home in the process.

wish we cd have learnt some from all the other species here that share an amazingly symbiotic relationship...and its us who're superior given the ultimate tool/weapon, the brain?

more like the weakest link, I'd say.

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