Tuesday, January 30, 2007


its over, she won it, made lots of money, generated lots of buzz and got a new infamous publicist to boot. the best career move shes made ever, I'd say.

I miss it a bit tho...my new-found daily fix of voyeurism...I surprised myself...usually break out in rashes with reality anything...but this one got me...switching over to E4 now and then to see what they are upto, in the live bits...characters / guinea pigs...

it must be so strange for them...boxed in there with their quirks, likes, dislikes, rants, smells for 25 odd days and then back to living out their public polished (?) image...they must miss it in private...Stockholm syndrome-ish. surreal.

wonder why I didnt take up psychology when I could....in hindsight, everything looks doable and clearer...no regrets but quite a few why-the-hell-nots?



Rio said...

yeah, the reality show thing appears to be a very interesting psychological game...25 days is one thing, out here, bigg boss ran for 3 months -- imagine how frustrating that could have been! but rahul roy showed amazing resilience, and yeah, his win was pretty much eclipsed even in the media here by ms shetty's! useless trivia of the day: shilpa signed her first movie at age 17 with rahul roy! the movie eventually got shelved..

Phoenix said...

thats an interesting bit of trivia...! yikes, 3 months...wonder how they manage to remain sane in there for so long! so, rahul roy was pretty much the player with his zen-ness?! :-)