Wednesday, October 25, 2006

you have to go.

yes, its that time of the time again.

I can't stand it. I curse it, ignore it, plead with it in turns. I find myself looking closely at specific hairdos on the telly or on the road. I see myself getting the job done in a salon in a dream. It must be chopped off to the required minimum. As one lady somewhere said, you have high-maintenance hair, her polite PC way of saying your hair's a mess and why did you bring it here of all the salon joints in the world.

its only a matter of when.

come to think of it, the last time I had a haircut which didn't leave me with a not-so-happy feeling was 4 years ago. Every do since then has been naah-can-be-better.

so I wait and let my discontent grow while my mane breathes its last few.

It really must go. No shape, no form, no manners, no nothing. It must be done.


Nee said...

Sniff-sniff. Bye-bye Phoenix hair!

Phoenix said...

:-D yes, I wish it Godspeed...whenever the deed is to be done.

Claire said...

Ah, the coming of haircut time, I empathise!


Phoenix said...

thanks, claire! :-) it seems to be a pretty universal malady, doesnt it?! :-)

ffflaneur said...

the kind of testing situation requiring the John Wayne attitude: "a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do"