Sunday, October 29, 2006


bright shiny day

yellow green leaves

man walks dog

tree winks; a private joke

a puddle a river

a doorbell sings



another hour to laze in bed from today...yeah, right, with her around :-)


qsg said...

hehehehe - good one! :D

All leaves pretty much gone after the crazy winds here yesterday!

Prashant said...

hhahaha..god one..
i am also late today in office....
i love sleeping.....esp during morning of wkdays..;-)

Nee said...

The extra hour happiness just lasted a day! Now back to the grind!

Phoenix said...

qsg - :-) thanks...the trees here are hanging on like crazy to the last ones left...

prashant - mornings are really not that good for one's health, are they?! :-) thanks for dropping by!

nee - small mercies et al... :-)