Monday, October 16, 2006

ein Buch

sat up late on sat night and finished it, at last.

a beautiful book. very disturbing, thought-provoking and SO opulent in its wordplay. I found myself returning mesmerized to some of its passages, words..

Beloved by Toni Morrisson is one of the some books I found precious and am glad I read it. It totally deserved the big one it got.

it stays with me. the incredible overarching 'thick' love of a mother which defies and disdains morality, sanity and other social labels, the querulous tender primeval love of a lost child that has returned, and the other that lives and grows up through a tempest of a life. The sadness, the poignancy and lives ripped open that run through the pages.

Black slavery and what it really meant... for a layperson like me who has just glimpsed it through pages, screens and trivia - the book educated. The horror, the inhumaneness, the jungle within.
Humans treated worse than dumb beasts.....a race, persecuted.



My poor Anna, hope she sees the light. God bless, either way. :-)


Nee said...

Wish I could just read a book, or watch a movie as just a detached observer! But I can't, and so I often restrict myself to strictly escapist fare...pathetic, I know...

Haven't read Beloved - it's been on my list for a while. I read her Sula when I was in high school and was rather affected by it, so haven't been able to pick this one up yet.

Ms Burden said...

Sorry for not letting you know about my moving thing... This is my latest and I hope my last URL
The reasons for so many movings? Take your pick? I don't wanna be read by many or I haven't been read by many... You tell meeee!!!
I am really sorry for the incovinience... You are amongst my best readings, Dear Phoenix, you oughtta know it!!!!!!!

Phoenix said...

nee - Actually, my idea of a good time is the frothy stuff too, dont want to get all heavy and wasted...but now and then picking up a deep thing, isn't bad too...expands the mind. Haven't read Sula...this one will shake you a bit too!

ms. burden aka laila - :-) its you!!! thanks for the kind words, dear! I like how you keep reinventing your space and how you express yourself too...cheers!

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