Monday, December 17, 2007

the year is dead; long live the year

so. another year packs its bags. the chapter ends. a mixed bag as usual.

some really high highs and some really low lows. some of the lows were surprising and educational. the self learnt a few lessons and somewhere, still refuses to learn.

there are still a couple of greys that could be brightened up by a stroke of happiness and health...which might well be the case in the new chapter. Fingers crossed.

what of the future...never have thought too much about so much for right now, this nanosecond. my life hasnt been exactly predictable, given the fact that I keep surprising myself with the decisions I make, pure impulse...but that's how it is. slippery. and constant evolution.

life is a journey. and what a trip, wooohoo!


Alok said...

hope this makes sense

Phoenix said...

hmm, interesting theory. given the formula, I should feel the year just zipping past... :-D

ffflaneur said...

kinda like the idea of your combative self refusing to learn lessons :-)... a wayward self makes the ride so much more interesting!

((and may my very best wishes support your claim on health & happiness for 2008 (& beyond))

neihal said...

"some really high highs and some really low lows"

Same story every year every where.
And yet we cant give up.

Ah well!!

Phoenix said...

thank you so much for the wishes, dear ffflaneur...I wish the very same amd much more for you :-)

neihal - that's pretty much what life's about isnt it...but hopefully there is a bit of growth along this annual ride! :-D