Saturday, December 01, 2007

grey gray

its been a really foggy day today. its evening now but the fog refuses to take five. oh well we all have our days, don't we?


I'd say I'm an okay cook, with no particular passion for the craft...i like to eat good stuff, yes, but a foodie, not so much. Still, I looove to watch cookery shows and shows on pretty indiscriminate in what I watch. It could be from any part of this globe, in any lingo and even if I dont get the instructions/ingredients, its OK, cause I dont intend to try any of that stuff on my own. I just love watching this stuff.


ffflaneur said...

wisdom of the climate: insert a foggy, toned down day every once in a while, so restful for the human eye! (unless of course you peer into the fog)


hmmmmm - cooking-voyeurism? ;-)

Phoenix said...

you said it,, it is. strangely relaxes my crazy do travel shows. living vicariously. :-D


yes, why try and unassemble the smokescreen, just admire the shapes that play on it... ;-)

Cute Chunky Chick said...

love watching them cookery shows too, even though i rarely venture into the kitchen to cook! my current fave is 'the foodie' on times now - offbeat and great fun to watch!

hope the fog lifts and the sun shines brightly on chez phoenix!

Phoenix said...

Thanks, sun has shown his beaming face today, vanquishing the early clouds...its an even match tho. :-)

I like the foodie too...he looks quite the part too, doesnt he? :-D
I quite like the glimpses I get of shows on regional channels too...its basically just food, isnt it. ;-)

...and did notice you've closed down your place, temporarily I hope.

Janefield said...

heya phoenix! how ya been? :)

i'm totally with you on the cookery and travel shows!

Phoenix said...

hey jane!...fantastic hearing from you again...hope life's been good at your end! :-D