Sunday, September 03, 2006

whoever thought the humble dal could send Indian expats in a tizzy! but its quite nice to see apna govt acting tough on something....even if it be lentils....quite sexy!

and what do you know we're out of moong dal...the yellow one...the asian stores here would already have hiked up the prices....great timing!


Saw 'snatch' yesterday....LOVED IT! mad hilarious fast-paced edgy thriller with some gory boxing kabooms thrown in for good females...which was just right. (oops, did I just trample over some feminist's grave?)

has jason 'transporter' statham (i kinda like him), brad pitt (as this quirky gipsy boxing champ), and a host of other brit actors....great great stuff! benicio del toro has a littlish part too...he ends up without an arm and a tea-cosy on his head....

Dags!! :-)) must add it to my yet to see 'lock stock and smoking barrel' by the director of the afore-mentioned....Madge's hubby...tho he hasnt really come up with anything remotely brilliant since...i think.


' mutton dressed as lamb' - love it :-)


qsg said...

The dal thing is huge here too - you should see the amount ppl hv stocked... i hv enough to last me a lifetime! ;)

Phoenix said...

really! we still haven't gone and stocked up for the lean days...suicidal!!