Monday, September 11, 2006

so many blogs. so many voices. some become communities. some islands.

lives. stories. colours. reaching out across the vacuum.

some using masks and smokescreens. some transparently themselves.

the quest continues. helps to have a listener. a sounding board. an empathizer. a fellow angster.

but sometimes just shouting out into the silence is good. venting out the words. not caring if anyone listens or understands.

the world has shrivelled up. races and spaces do not matter.

poor dear humans...SETI is all good and amazing. More immediate shd be the search for intelligence within ourselves and within our fellow travellers. Understanding. Evolving.


Bush has the second lowest IQ of all the american prezs. But he just might be the only one ever who burns the charts for causing mindless destruction, arousing sheer hatred and redrawing lines across the global arena.


qsg said...

but sometimes just shouting out into the silence is good.

Excellent! That's exactly how I feel... that is the beauty of blogging - you are with billions of people but still by yourself! :) said...

well said...'search for..' i would add search for intelligences in synergetic confluences and beyond..

Phoenix said...

qsg - funny, isn't it? and so true of our real selves too...just a speck in this ocean of humanity and yet so unique by ourselves...thanks.

sundar - you're right, but given today's dysfunctional world where mediocrity and moronity of all sorts is celebrated, I'd be thankful for any kind of intelligence at all :-)