Saturday, September 02, 2006

I keep surprising myself. every now and then. a mystery within me. lets see what I reap...if I sow.

rainy day.

forgotten what i came to blab about.

oh yes

every woman must have a secret, a past she can fish out of her attic on a rainy day and smile at. faces, a goodbye-not-said, glances, smiles, an unspoken buzz. jilted admirers, crushes....what could have been...a part of her that is still saucy and bouncy.

visit them when life gets too messy, when it seems like there are only dead ends and no forward movement. when she feels as attractive as the kitchen rag.

every woman must have a past.

very important.


qsg said...

Very well said, indeed! They are extremely handy on those gray days! On other days, they can make you feel terrible about yourself!

ME said...

yeah someone once said "A woman without a past has no future"

Phoenix said...

qs.gem - hmm, somehow, the stuff never made me feel that terrible on a good day either ;-)

me - wise words!