Thursday, April 17, 2008

kill the noise

hype noise gas chatter inane wheels turning revenue hype moolah

the olympic torch arrives in the city and the salivating media pounces for a blow by blow account of whos protesting, how much of police bandobast, who's for, who's against, who's fainted...waiting with bated breath for some blood, for some rage to spill so their TRPs skyrocket...who fuels this obese ravenous hype and I or is that just a clever and convenient smokescreen. does a torch need humongous amount of security, why not let the distraught Tibetan protesters do their thing by the side, and let the media occupy the middle, noman's land...the huge army of cops swarming all over the place, choking Rajpath, tense and rubbing their hands and lathis in anticipation. so then what about all the murders, road rage madness, drunk driving accidents, assaulted children and women that dominate the front pages and always will.

the IPL circus, another hype exercise gone mad...who's the richest, who has the biggest movie star on their side, who's going to sell the tickets the most. so then what about the game.


while she hums.


ffflaneur said...

yes - kill all the noise and chatter - we have to stand firm on that! :) (while we hum)

(what a circus you had over there!)

Phoenix said...

:-D yes, much high drama...blown over predictably, couple of days later...instant gratification, the mantra.