Friday, April 11, 2008

blah di blah

so, i finally meet the ipod nano. a tiny cute thing that packs a punch. we eyed each other, it and i. hope this friendship sustains; seems promising. :-)


its funny how us women can discuss n admire another of our gender without sounding remotely gay. despite the world going dizzy with the tumbling metrosexual, unisexual blah blah labels and tags, its still rare to find two guys dissecting another with considerable interest. unless they are, well, gay.


ffflaneur said...

:-) instant recognition, to be sure!


hmm indeed ... men gauge each other’s strength, compete, do things together, discuss Subjects – but usually don't fall prey to intense reciprocal fascination.

[There is a moving literary/historical exception to confirm that rule: a 16th C essay “on friendship” in which Montaigne writes about his (deep but strictly non-gay) love for a deceased friend (“if you ask me why I loved him, I could not give an answer. Because it was him. Because it was me”).

Phoenix said...

fantastic...powerful words! :-)

I guess the male of the species is hardwired not to sit and appreciate in detail another of their gender, leave alone forge deep subliminal bonds...maybe I generalize...