Saturday, June 30, 2007

zeitgeist, 21st century, as I see it

the defining note of the 21st century in human terms has to be hype.
everything is a product, a spin-off of the great hype machine. good, bad, doesnt long as you/it are talked about and earn your soundbytes and mugshot on media, you/it are It. paris hilton, rakhi sawant, the iPhone, global warming, posh beckham, going green, mumbai floods, somebody's wedding, obama's take, somebody's shrine, somebody's trash, somebody's scandal. the great unwashed and washed gorge on what they are fed by the rabid media.

the collective unconscious has never been more automaton-like, originality discarded for what the gurus say is cool, hip, It or uncool-cool. this mind-state transcends races and continents. follow the leaders...labels, brands, icons, cults, the buzz.



Neihal said...

this reminds of the scene from Monalisa Smile (?) where Julia Roberts asks her students "how do you know this is art?"

"coz someone said so"

Phoenix said...

spot on, neihal! :-D

qsg said...

Thanks, media! They are everywhere!

Phoenix said...

every nook and cranny, qsg, every nook and cranny!

Rain said...

I totally agree :)

Phoenix said...

Glad you do, Rain! :-)

Janefield said...

consumerism is the only god recognized today:)

wait..there's a new god doing the media rounds could you not mention this particular 'IT'?! sacrilege! :D

Phoenix said...

ooh yes, jane! Him too...howcouldI?! :-D

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