Monday, June 25, 2007

came back with a monstrous tan!

now that was a trip.

Kashmir again, after 19 years....still Paradise...the scenic landscape and the beautiful people as usual, punctuated this time by and sadness, supreme.

had an amazing road trip to srinagar from jammu...visited the usual suspects, shikara-ed, gulmarg...friendly faces....the setting almost normal again...tourists by the bucket...from all over the country...the magnificent mountains surveying human folly....ageless, timeless

our driver...a crazy character...drove like a maniac through the mountains, hairpin bends and all...colourful original. tall, strapping, long hair and the occasional habitual eccentric gestures while overtaking another vehicle on a turn that can accomodate half with a gorge staring us in glee...Shaitani Naala, the spot on the highway where many have tumbled down to meet the One.

the lil kids who wanted their pics taken as I went shutter-crazy...posing for me. :-) the security forces, tough yet human, from different parts of the country, guarding a jewel.

Amazing time....memories now...forever.


Cute Chunky Chick said...

That was a lovely read - I'm most green.

Am surprised you saw a lot of tourists though. I hope that's a sign that things are improving - it's about time, isn't it?

I see no reason not to extend this mini travelogue to a photolog - post some pix, I beseech ya!

Phoenix said...

yes, it really was quite heartening seeing all the tourists doing the touristy thing...eating bhel by the Dal etc...really hope its just the beginning of good times. but the army presence is vital for the same, sadly n ironically.

will def. post some pics...patience, gurrrl! :-)

Neihal said...

WOW !!

well jaldi pics dalo...for us unfortunate peepal.

Phoenix said...

neihal, will do. :-)

qsg said...

abbe - u no tell to me u were traveling... kya yaar - me totally totally jealous of ya - turned a horrid green already! Glad you had fun, though! :)

Phoenix said...

how green is my valley? :-D yes, had a fab time, and was more special since it was totally impromptu!

Rain said...

what a post! you said so much with few words. You gave me a glimpse of a far away place. thanks

Phoenix said...

hey Rain! SO pleased to see you again...thanks really was an amazing trip! :-)