Friday, March 09, 2007

heresy or the truth?

Saw an amazing docu on Channel 4 last night - The Great Global Warming Swindle. It aimed to demolish the hysteria that has built up around global warming and how human carbon footprints are driving climate change.

A brave and well-reasoned explanation of the volatile nature of climate over aeons. How it is ridiculous to think that manmade gases can create such an impact and how the true puppeteer is that burning ball of fire, the sun. The earth has been warming and cooling through the millenniums, without the help of humans.

Throughout the docu, several top-notch scientists ripped this new fad apart with the requisite data and facts....and said how they had been nearly ostracised for daring to question or refute the idea of man causing climate change!

It went on to expose at length as to how all this global warming chanting is actually a propaganda and how environmental activism is more of a political activism today. It is actually an industry now, employing thousands of people who would be out of a job if the whole premise was exposed as a sham.

It also went to say how this whole drive harbours rather sinister intentions of stalling the development of the developing countries by hanging the carbon gases-emissions guilt trip over their heads.

They'd rather countries like Africa and India use solar panels and such expensive unreliable technology to move ahead on the path of modernity while they themselves have used up God knows how many fuels and the likes.

In another special shown on the same channel, some time back, which tried to find out what all religions have to say about man's responsibility towards the earth and global warming, the presenter also went to India to question what Hinduism says about all this. In Mumbai or Ahmedabad, he actually had the gall to ask some freelancing photgrapher who was getting an AC installed, whether he didnt feel guilty doing it and how it will affect the emissions scene. The double standards were so ridiculously transparent...! This presenter chap has burnt up enough miles to fly to India and the other parts of the world he covered...and must be shacked up in a 5 star hotel with AC in the loo and can still turn around and ask this guy.

Makes you think and think again.

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