Monday, August 21, 2006

this nice old man's happening!...his debut and a gazillion hits n covered in the news too....good for him...83 and finally his 15 mins of f.


lady in slinky red dress, rushing off to work...talking to an invisible other. not very pleased at who she was talking to either...didnt find it strange...i find myself talking to...well...myself, quite a bit too...seems like the only other intelligent company I have found to date...another time, another place, saw this man on a bus, with one hand cupped around his mouth, whispering to his 'friend'...weird n fascinating....

maybe we all talk to this other in us but are not so out-there abt it and hence not labelled nutcases by the common folk...madness and sanity are just constructs...successful rich ppl are 'eccentric'and 'creative', the not-so rich successful are plain bonkers and need to be in a padded room?

my lil right foot still doesnt feel happy...twisted it gloriously some weeks ago...the agony and emotional vortex accompanying it - yet another experience to be filed away....

so anyway, have run out of stuff to say, as I shall ooze back under the sand.

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