Tuesday, August 29, 2006

sad. hrishikesh mukherjee dead. a genre dies with him. natural, humorous, subtle, light, true-to-life with some home-truths woven within. gems like chupke chupke, golmaal, namak haram, bawarchi, chhotti si baat, khatta meetha, so many more...they don't make people like him anymore...but his humour, his take on life would be lost on the masses salivating on KANK and its likes. he will live on in the zillion reruns of his movies...God bless.


i salivate on bags...oversized totes, anything...the bigger, the roomier, the more pockets the better....like some lady said she likes to carry her life around and hence her need for a giant momma of a bag...i've had bagswhichhave been virtually bottomless pits with stuff of all classification floating around from every moment of my short life...my hubby, like any mere XY, cannot understand my craving and tries to steer me clear of any accessories section anywhere...but like a true bloodhound, i find my corner. at last count there are three i am happy about...others that fill in on the odd days. Not abt the brands, naah...just the bags themselves that get me going...

one bloke fed up to his gills with all the brands that have taken over his life has decided to burn all the goodies and lead a brand-free unadulterated life. hope he succeeds in his quest. i myself have never understood the mania for brands....i find it rather air-headed honestly....just weird ole me, maybe. i do have the odd kewl brand but was not deliberate and was more functional and primal actually....i like something and buy it. i might or might not use it more than once...thats just its fate. the stuff i like, i wear out to the bare bone.

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