Monday, January 30, 2006

a movie

saw paheli yesterday on cable. was all prepared to dislike it, mostly due to shah rukh khan, i can't suffer him since his johar-farahkhan creative (?) nexus began. but surprise surprise, the movie's engrossing in a quaint way. the premise is interesting, a ghost who loves a neglected woman and showers her with TLC. didnt catch the ending, but i think it was happy. rich visuals, lilting music and fine performances. tho he just can't help ham a bit as usual.

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qsg said...

I actually liked the movie - this is women's lib per Rajasthan (one of the biggest delinquents in terms of female infanticide!) - someone asked them why it had to be a ghost and not a real guy - the response the writer gave was - such a guy cannot exist in the real world - has to be a ghost!!!! :)) totally concur!