Sunday, January 15, 2006

Flickr'd and loving it

Well, I got it too now. Flickritis. Have been hooked onto the Flickr thingie for the past few days. Justbumped into it in some offchance manner, the way it is always with this net-mos. Its from ppl from all over...and such exquisite ones, some. Getting my pics seen by strange eyes too...not much of a collection yet tho. But am so busy just enjoying the whole experience. Like its always with me...the first grand flush.

I recommend it to anyone who likes pics - taking and just seeing, and maybe likes interacting with fellow homo sapiens.

Under the veil of anonymity tho. For a private person like moi, that is absolutely essential. Like with my blogs. Its my life, in patches, online, but no one I know knows and yet its public. Kinda corny. Not that I think anybody's ever read it. I have like a zillion blogs inside me every day, but only 1 makes it. Like the sperm that makes it. :-)

Anyway, thats one teeny grand passion for me...for now. Tomorrow's another day.

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