Tuesday, November 06, 2007


it was just a little while ago

almost dawn
blackbirds on the telephone wire
as I eat yesterday's
forgotten sandwich
at 6 a.m.
on a quiet Sunday morning.

one shoe in the corner
standing upright
the other laying on it's

yes, some lives were made to be

- Charles Bukowski


qsg said...

You know - the concept of waste is so relative... who decides which life is wasted, and which meaningful??? Huh?

Phoenix said...

spot on. one person's waste is another's treasure trove!

ffflaneur said...

wouldn't have credited bukowsky with such sense of visual poetry ---- this screams for a photo

Phoenix said...

doesn't it, totally?! the crumbs around the mouth, the morning light... :-)

Cute Chunky Chick said...

This is beautiful - and totally hits the spot...

Phoenix said...

glad you liked it too, CCC! :-)

Ms Burden said...

i read that while having a screwdriver... it was a bukowsky moment of my day

Phoenix said...

laila - :-D mr. bukowski would totally approve.