Wednesday, November 08, 2006

He's back! and so hot!!!

brosnan was a fave too with his suave slinky ways and the perfect comic timing...this bloke seems more of a cold, dark killer-machine who means business...but still has his ways with the ladies...yum!


Nee said...

No...Phoenix, a Bond fan??

I agree with you on Brosnan though, his are the only Bond movies that I've watched, and of course, that has nothing whatsoever to do with The Boy dragging me to them...ahem! But gosh, he's textbook handsome, isn't he? Drool, drool, drooooool

Are you going to see this one on opening night/weekend? I have a feeling I will have no choice!

Phoenix said...

I love Bond! braindead and so shallow but kills me...and yes, I've just watched PB stuff too tho I must have sampled some roger moore stuff sometime..fell for PB during the early remington steele days..
I think if I cd ever transmogrify into a fictional male due, it'd be 007...the best lines, the best wheels, nifty gadgets, the works...masala unltd.!
don't have hopes to make it to the opening...maybe! still, yum... :-)

qsg said...

Looking forward to the new Bond movie - I love Bond movies! :)

Phoenix said...

hope the new guy lives upto the rep...well, actually even if he doesnt, hes nice! :-)