Thursday, December 22, 2005

My hair's killing me

i badly need a haircut. i need to get rid of my towel, the orange one, which refuses to leave me after 5 or is it more years of grime-wiping. Eeyuuuu would be an accurate enough sentiment.

My blog(s) don't look bloggish enuff.Most of the stuff i chance upon look so...perfectly blog-likewith enough spice and introspective strands etc. Come to think of it I, if I look at I as I should be, am not I enough. Make sense? Lots of loose ends, no lifelong friendships, no grand passions, no particular searing hobbies or skills. And still not average enuff to be the average. Hmm.
Sample this, in what was a first, went for a test und interview, which seemed like a no-brainer, right up my alley etc. But, didnt get it. Maybe my overwhekming honesty reg. my work from home conditions un-did the trick.

But am a fighter, if an unlikely one. Still looking, fishing and being myself casually, stubbornly. Like the last memorable lines in 'papillion' - i'm still standing, you W@$%#%$@#!! :-)


ffflaneur said...

lovely motto in fact - perfect balance between combativity and melancholy: "am a fighter, if an unlikely one"

wonder whether there would be a web-community for all the combative melancholiacs out there?

Phoenix said...

:-D am sure if there was, there would be creatures of all hues crawling out from under their rocks and shingles...